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The programme for the Before on 11 March 2024 in english

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  • 15:00 - 15:30 : Opening conference



    Inflation is slowing down, slowly but surely. Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire explains that "the price to pay is higher interest rates, more difficult financing and therefore an economic slowdown" (France Inter, Nov. 2023). The promise of growth is therefore still subject to severe constraints. What financing methods are best suited to this context? For example, profitability gives access to debt, in the absence of fund-raising, which is another financing solution to be considered all the more seriously as it does not affect the capital of the companies concerned. But with it comes risk...

    With: Jessica Ifker Delpirou (Operating Partner, Board Member, Senior Advisor Serena), Marc Ménasé (Serial entrepreneur) 

    Animated by Matthieu Stefani (President, Cosavostra).

  • Commission 1



    Between wishful thinking and market reality, prices are on the rise! In 2023, One to One Retail E-commerce has chosen "Under pressure, creative and demanding e-commerce" as its theme. It's under pressure, but it's smart, so it adapts everywhere, all the time. To do this, it has to think outside the box (be creative) and respect an increasingly expert customer, who will tolerate no friction or inconsistency (demanding). And in all this, price is undoubtedly the most critical issue for consumers and the most central one for retailers: can you be demanding in an inflationary environment? How can these economic constraints be reconciled with the reality of raw material costs? An overview of intentions - both laudable and realistic? - and the reality of an industry on the front line of the price battle.

    With: Paul Lê (Co-founder La Belle Vie), Thierry Lernon (General Manager, Marketing, Customer Experience, Data and E-Commerce, But)

    Animated by Cyril Artur du Plessis (Founder Podcast Les digital doers)

  • Commission 2

    How will AI change our structures (for real)?


    For the past 12 months, generative AI has been setting the pace: its power is misunderstood, often over- or underestimated, but rarely rationalised! It is a tool for some, a revolution for others... and between them an ocean of possibilities and consequences for organisations. In concrete terms, with IT, legal and security departments needing to understand it better in order to support its deployment, and business lines (marketing and e-commerce in the front line) pushing to integrate it into everyday use, users are left in the dark. So let's ask ourselves the real questions: what new skills do we need to make good use of generative AI? Are any jobs really destined to disappear?

    With: Marjolaine Grondin (CEO & Co-founder Jam), Alexandre Meerson (Director Digital, Data & IT/ Information Systems Europe and Middle East - Sephora) and Stanislas Polu (Software Engineer & Co-founder Dust)

    Animated by : Matthieu Stefani (Chairman Cosavostra) 

  • Commission 3

    What if the impact of the ecological revolution on the transformation of organisations generated business opportunities? 


    With the acceleration of CSR obligations and regulations, organisations now have to take concrete, long-term action. To implement these actions, many organisations have set up a CSR function, responsible for educating and supporting the business lines, and/or training these same teams in the new challenges they face. In terms of the business lines involved, the change is fairly clear to everyone; in terms of opportunities, however, it is less so! In concrete terms, when companies adapt their structures and organisations to this new paradigm, how can they seize this as an opportunity to develop their business model, or even their offering?

    With : Adrien Sfeeci (President club Origine France Garantie 06), Arthur Auboeuf (Co-founder Team for the Planet) and Lucie Basch (Co-founder Too Good To Go)

    Animated by : Mélanie Benard Crozat (Founder and Editor-in-Chief Impact Magazine)

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  • Freedom of tone;
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  • Forward-looking exchanges, work on weak signals;
  • Premium and informal networking.


  • Around 80 CEOs & Founders, Presidents, Directors of Digital Marketing, Customer Experience, Data & E-commerce…
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  • A dozen speakers,


  • Guest attendees (CEOs, Founders, etc.) come to co-build, exchange, share and project themselves into the future, to tackle major social issues with strong business implications.
  • 10 partner companies, with the opportunity to register :
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    • Or as a simple participant : 100% networking

Amongst Le Before 2023 partners: Aravati, Converteo, Contentsquare, Relais Colis, Salesforce, Paypal and Adyen.