The 2021 edition revisits the revolutionnary 10 years of One to One Retail E-commerce, highlighting the moments that shaped the e-commerce sector.

The 2021 Replays

  • Conferences
  • Keynotes

Opening conference

Welcoming words from the President of One to One Monaco 2021, Bris Rocher, President at Groupe Rocher.

Part 1 - Fact & Figures

Thomas Husson, VP Research at Forrester, will give insights into the key trends and figures of the retail and ecommerce sectors.

Part 2 - Masterclass "Dessine-moi une Licorne"

Is there a better way to begin the 10th edition of One to One Monaco than exploring the best ecommerce success story? 2021 have seen plenty of them ! They make our markets proud and the press loved telling their stories. Together, we portray the path of these unique entrepreneurs, the true story of 3 French unicorns !

The Masterclass is hosted by Charlotte Bricard, with Jonathan Cherki, CEO Contentsquare, Philippe Corrot, CEO Mirakl and Thibaud hug de Larauze, CEO and co-founder BackMarket.

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Closing Conference

"How is the ecommerce sector getting ready to interact with new generations?"

On Wednesday 27 October, they met for a private workshop hosted by Cyril Artur du Plessis (from the Digital Doers podcast) and Matthieu Stefani (from the podcast Génération Do It Yourself).


Live or let live

The last word is given to Gaspard Koenig during an exclusive keynote where he dives into the concepts of freedom and simplicity for an inspiring social enlightenment.

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Picard Surgelés

Comment repenser le parcours client à l'ère du phygital ?

Les intervenants:

  • Nathalie Jacquot, Directrice Digital, Ecommerce, Omnicanal chez Picard ;
  • Sebastien Zins, Head of Marketing Cloud France chez Salesforce ;
  • Nicolas Lemonnier, Head of Commerce Cloud France chez Salesforce ;
  • Sophie Thorel, Lead Solution Engineer chez Salesforce.
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Younited Pay

Integrated finance: a tool serving the ecommerce revolution


This keynote is hosted by Geoffroy Guigou, co-founder at Younited
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This keynote is hosted by Edouard Nattée, CEO at Foxintelligence, Paul Choppin, Communications Marketing & Public Affairs at Gorillas and Georges Yates, Global Lead: Brand & Retailers chez Back Market.

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Photos 2021

Relive the highlights of previous editions in pictures and discover all the content of One to One Retail E-commerce.

One to One Retail Ecommerce Monaco 2021
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